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Anpassad för Din Mage


#1 Probiota för Din Mage

Probiotika mot symtom på förstoppning, diarré och IBS

ProBion är exlusivt anpassad för att passa alla magar oavsett ålder. Väl utvalda bakteriestammar för att harmonisera tillsammans och garantera terapeutisk kvalitet under lång tid. — Dr. Lennart Cedgård – Innovatör

ProBion är anpassat för olika magar
Detta eftersom vi alla har olika typer av födointag

Vissa har långsamma och andra snabba och oroliga magar

ProBion Basic

För den långsamma och känsliga magen

ProBion Daily

För normal eller orolig mage

ProBion Clinica

För de flesta och som komplement till A/B/D (mer)

ProBion Active

För den snabba eller lösa magen samt vid resa

ProBion Vad Våra Kunder Säger?

5 Reviews
24 May 2021
I’ve suffering a lot with irregular bowel movements, IBS & diarrhoea, specifically during travelling. After 3 weeks my digestive system has regulated very much and I feel a lot of new energy.
Raymond B
Raymond B
15 Apr 2021

I take one Probion Clinica tablet a day. It has lowered my occurrence of stomach acid and decreased the amount of gas in my stomach. The good bacteria in Probion wins the fight with the bad bacteria, it makes my stomach feel alot better. I highly recommend this product.

07 Oct 2019

Asides from the great products, I have had a pleasure dealing with the company. They are always very helpful and prompt in replying. Great customer service, keep it up! Thanks Mike for being helpful

07 Oct 2019

I am not a personal user of the product, but my entire family takes it. They will often share to their friends and other family members about how the product has helped with their digestion and their general health as well. It has also helped me grandmother’s stomach issues. I would recommend ProBion Daily if you are thinking of trying a probiotic product or already are using one.

Cynthia A
Cynthia A
14 Aug 2019

My mother in law has been taking the Probion Clinica since she finished her chemotherapy for colon cancer. Previously she has taken other brands of probiotics, however Probion Clinica seems to be more suitable for her. Ever since taking it, her tumour marker results has gone down from 4.5 to 2.3. On top of that, she has better tolerance towards gluten food, hence she can enjoy more variety of food.

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