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For normal or altering digestion

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For normal or altering digestion.

Guaranteed potency with therapeutic quality of healthy bacteria supporting wellbeing. Strains carefully selected to harmonise with each other to fit most people’s digestive situations irrespective of age and gender.

ProBion Daily – For normal or altering digestion

6 billions bacteria per tablet with strain content:

  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus paracasei
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus

The bacteria have been produced without adding GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, pregnant women, men and children including toddlers and elders

🔰 Detox – what to expect?

✅ ProBion serves to restore the balance of our intestinal bacteria. While promoting the growth of beneficial bacterial, they will also cause the dying off of harmful bacteria. This is a process of detoxification that can lead to healing crises in the form of intestinal discomfort and other symptoms associated with chronic health issues during the first 2-3 weeks. These symptoms will pass as the body adjusts to healthy gut flora, leading to long-term health improvement.

✅ Many unhealthy conditions today are related to a poorly balanced microflora, or what is known as dysbiosis. Scientific studies are increasingly pointing to correlations between dysbiosis and various ailments. The use of antibiotics in healthcare, agriculture and animal raising is on the rise. We have in many ways sterilised our environment, and this is detrimental to our microflora balance. When we are not getting enough beneficial microbes, or are killing them because we need antibiotics, we need supplementation of probiotics more than ever.

👍 As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting with ProBion Clinica and/or use it as strong support for Active, Basic or Daily


✅ Guaranteed potency with therapeutic quality of healthy bacteria supporting wellbeing. Strains carefully selected to harmonise with each other to fit most people’s digestive situations irrespective of age and gender.

🔰 Recommended Dosage

» Start with 1 tablet a day in the first week, and gradually increase to 2 tablets a day or more as needed. This initiation period normally would last within 3 weeks.

» Children under the age of 7 should take half the dosage of adults. Infants should take 1/4 the dosage of adults with tablets ground into powder and mixed with water or milk, to be fed little by little throughout the day.

🔰 Why  Should You Choose ProBion?

✅ Guaranteed Live Cultures

» Our dry tablets have 4 years’ shelf life without the need for refrigeration, with 10 times superior sustainability compared to conventional capsules. Lab analyses show the majority of beneficial bacteria = 90% still after 4 years remain undamaged. The clinical study further shows the bacteria can remain viable in the small and large intestines where they will be able to support therapeutic effects

✅ Well-tested Strains
» We choose strains with proven benefits supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, and we combine them in a matrix with innovative technology to ensure their safe passage to the gut where they can alleviate digestive disorders.

✅ Therapeutic Quality
» Vigorous cultures protected and delivered to the gut help healthy flora thrive and ensure that they outnumber harmful bacteria, building the foundation for eliminating digestive and other health disorders

✅ Prolonged Probiotic Performance
» ProBion delivers vigorous healthy bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract with the controlled release over 180 minutes, enabling 10 times as much deposition and activation of live cultures compared to conventional probiotic capsules

» ProBion Clinica’s positive probiotic effect was verified in a 2017 clinical study involving humans with colon problems. We also have 25 years of dose-response research, with the efficacy of our probiotics validated by independent labs. (learn more)

✅ Matrix Technology
»Wasa Medical’s PLC (Prolongation of Life Concept) Matrix – a unique structure of this ingenious tablet form is produced with a low-compression freeze dry technology where lesst han 10% of the conventional compression force is used. This ensures the greatest viability of the cultures during and after production. Bacteria embedded into the matrix are protected from damage by oxygen and humidity

The bacteria have been produced without adding GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, pregnant women, men and children including toddlers and elders.

✅ Customised for Your Digestion

Our bacteria strains are clinically chosen and combined by Swedish scientists to target different digestive conditions, including intestinal motility that is too slow or too rapid or is too sensitive causing irregularity. The strains harmonise with each other and are safe and effective for everyone irrespective of age and sex

» What’s Inside ProBion Smart Tablet?

» Prebiotic Inulin – promotes the growth and activity for the endogenous flora. Often extracted from the roots of endives.

» Xanthan –  Mucus producing item manufactured by fermenting carbohydrates. It protects the bacteria in the intestine and controls the dissolution of the tablets optimising the exposure of viable bacteria.

» Magnesium stearate – A compound of magnesium and stearic acids, it is a flow agent that gives more consistency to tablets. RSPO certificate.

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5 Reviews
07 Oct 2019

I am not a personal user of the product, but my entire family takes it. They will often share to their friends and other family members about how the product has helped with their digestion and their general health as well. It has also helped me grandmother’s stomach issues. I would recommend ProBion Daily if you are thinking of trying a probiotic product or already are using one.

18 Feb 2019

I am pleased with the positive effects on my general health since starting ProBion a few months ago. Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last year I started a gluten free diet and a probiotic with some success. However since switching to ProBion my digestive system is more stable and I have increased the amount of fruit and vegetables I eat without the previous bouts of abdominal cramps and Diarrhea I used to get. No more indigestion and bloating either!
I feel generally better with more energy and fewer episodes of fatigue and muscle aches – long may it last !

14 Feb 2019

I’m happy to oblige because the Probion products have changed an aspect of my life that had become worrisome to me.

I discovered the Probion products while on a work exchange last summer in Hong Kong. I am a Bio-energy therapist and was received by the Bio-resonance clinic "Just Resonance" for an exchange of methodes. Their diagnostic approach concurred with my findings; I had a problem of regular dyspepsia. My digestive function was never regular from one day to the next.

They recommended the Probion ‘Clinica”, which I confirmed through the methode I practice, as well as defining the exact posologie, which turned out to be a 4 month treatment. I admit my body’s reaction to the treatment during the first two months was pretty radical. I experienced diarrhea most mornings, however I could feel that it was helping. I had less bloating and discomfort. At the end of the 4 months, my symptoms of dysbiosis had disappeared. I have now been using the Probion ‘Daily’ for 2 months and am very pleased to say that for the first time in many years my transit has become regular. I have prescribed your products now to certain of my patients who have need and await their feed-back at our next sessions.
I highly recommend the quality and performance of the Wasa Medicals Probion products.

Elizabeth Cuny
Paris, France

Jasmine H
Jasmine H
10 Feb 2019

I have been using the clinica for three weeks, one every night. It definitely has helped me to go to more regularly, every day plus a much flatter stomach. I want to start introducing one in the morning now. As I find due to stress or not drinking enough water I could do with the extra help at times. I’m really happy with the service. Using Probion i feel like I’m taking a very high quality of probiotics and now I will be a long returning customer to Probion.

15 Sep 2018

Since trying the free bottle of Probion Clinica and being very pleased with the results, I decided to purchase the Probion Daily, 150 tablets. I now alternate between Clinica one day and Daily the next. I have suffered with diverticulitis attacks for many years and have found probiotics help immensely. It took me a while to drop the old supplier, as I was very used to their products but I’m so pleased I took the plunge – I would say Probion probiotics have been very beneficial, I haven’t suffered the cramping and pain which warns me of a diverticulitis attack since I started using their products. Still early days but I am very hopeful and feel I have made a good decision in changing to the Probion brand.

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