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Lennart 67, Inventor ProBion.

I have had problems with infections and allergies since I was 5 years old.

My reflection is that it all started that I got vaccines when I was a small kid. After that my allergies started. I had this terrible urticaria and was hospitalised many times. Later when I was 9-10 years old I had problems with my tonsils. They were removed both the nasal ones and those mandibular ones.

After that I got colds that always ended with bacterial complications in my lungs or sinuses. Before being 20 years old I was treated many times with antibiotics and cortisone.

My huge problems made me reflect upon health and science. I decided to become a medical doctor. Some 5 years later I read about Elie Metchnikoff’s works and articles and it struck me that our lives all depends on the microbes in the guts.

As being brought up with entrepreneur attitudes it did not take me long before I started a R&D company Wasa Medicals making probiotics under the trade mark ProBion.

I understood the concept of fermentation contra putrefaction. What struck me was that the lactic bacteria must be viable and vigorous to have any impact on the microbiota in the guts. It took me 10-15 years to develop a very special matrix that protects all these freeze-dried bacteria. Today we have developed analyses where we find that 90 % of the bacteria included are non-damaged and viable after 5 years storage in room temperature. This is very unique as most probiotics if even analysed mostly present less than 5 % viability after 12 months in room temperature.

We have also succeeded to publish a colon cancer study in British Medical Journal 2017, where we found that by administrating ProBion approximately 90% of two well-known bacteria that are related to colon cancer were reduced.

During the last 35-40 years I have been giving lectures about the relation of health and intestinal dysbiosis and probiotics. My overall reflection is that the ignorance of the relation health and microbes is widely present amongst people in general including medical educated people and also media people as well. It seems that the big industry supported by media do not want this information to be distributed to all you folks. It would completely change the present paradigm of living.

Very well, as below I have selected some other testimonials people with different experiences wanted to share.

Simon 27 English

Growing up I did not have any digestive issues and lived a good life. As a teenager I tore my ACL during a football game and ended up having 3 surgeries. After the surgeries I was put on antibiotics which lead to acne issues.

I had to take multiple rounds of antibiotics for the acne problems (Accutane and tetracycline) and eventually developed a lot of problems with my stomach.

After multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies, the doctors told me that I had inflammation in my gut and IBS.

I was put on medication which did not help me much. I was now reacting to foods that I used to eat all the time and I had regular stomach pain, diarrhoea, constipation. I started to isolate myself a lot more and lost a lot of friends and missed many fun activities.  

I lost a lot of weight and completely lost my appetite. The years went by and I had some bad periods as well as some good. 

I managed to control my symptoms a little better with a very strict diet and medicine. I still could not have a week without problems. 

 2019 was the year my stomach problems got worse. I was eating a very low fibre diet and eventually the diet led to a very slow gut motility. I got constipated and bloated from everything I ate. I could now only eat small portions, I had 0 appetite and was not feeling well. Every time I ate it felt like my system stopped working and it was hard to breathe and talk since it felt like I was dry in every part of my body. At this time, I slept about 3-4 hours at night because my stomach was so bloated.

Many doctor visits later and multiples medications that did nothing but hurt me I tried switching my diet. It was tough in the beginning since I had so many food intolerances but a high fibre diet improved my symptoms a lot. A lot of issues got resolved, my bowel movements got better, my skin issues disappeared, my mood improved a lot and my breathing issues went away.  

I still had some food intolerances and I had many set-backs that left me depressed. I believe at this time I had so many bad bugs in my system that the high fibre diet was also feeding them, which lead me to getting Sibo. Every time I ate, it felt like the food just went straight through me and I lost a scary amount of weight very rapidly. I had already lost around 30 pounds during this year and I was very concerned about my well-being.  

I did test positive for Sibo and the doctor wanted me to take 2 different antibiotics. At this time, I had no confidence in my doctor and did not trust him since everything they have told me before did absolutely nothing for me. The only thing that help me was diet changes. Through the year/years I had to become my own doctor, I spent night and day doing research on google regarding stomach issues. I found many good articles about functional medicine and I found a clinic in Sweden.

I was completely broke, I had not been able to pay for food throughout the whole year since I was not capable of working because of my stomach. I had to buy groceries online and using different payments options as well as taking big loans. Food was also a very important since I had lost so much weight. My parents helped me as much as they could. 

I was convinced that I was going to be cured working with a functional medicine doctor and I manage to get a loan from a very nice relative.

The doctor suggested trying to treat the Sibo with natural herbs instead of pharmaceutical antibiotics.  

I was put on Oregano oil, Garlic (Allicin) and Berberine. I felt terrible during the treatment, I experienced nausea, stomach pain and was throwing up at night. I had to quit the treatment early because of how I was feeling. Later on, I understood that the Berberine was the reason I was feeling so bad. Even though I was not feeling good during the treatment, it did help me out. Now the food no longer went straight through me but I was still a long way from “normal”.

This is when I made the biggest mistake of my life in taking Xifaxan. I was told this was the safest antibiotics and that it would not kill the good bacteria. I was so excited to start taking the Xifaxan since I was convinced that it would cure me and I could finally start living a normal life again.

7 days into the treatment I starting to feel horrible, my bloating issues came back, I got dry eyes and mouth, yellow teeth, my breathing issues and my bloating problems came back and I got very constipated because the antibiotics slowed down my gut motility. Yet again, I had no appetite. At first, I thought it was temporarily but after 2 months, it only got worse and worse. 

I was left very depressed and with no hope. If you read online everybody says that you should not take probiotics, however I had nothing to lose right now and I tried 3 different probiotics with no success. I started searching on Google and I found ProBion basic. Usually you see probiotics online and they claim to help with both constipation and diarrhoea but this one specifically said to help with slow gut motility and constipation.

To be honest I did not have high expectations. I am not exaggerating, literally 1-2 hours after taking the first pill I started feeling my stomach moving again and the bloating feeling started to fade away. I did experience headache on the first night but I viewed that as my body was detoxing the bad bugs out of my system. The headache went away the second day and many of my symptoms started to get better, the dry eyes went away, the appetite came back, and my breathing issues went away. I got a little too excited on the third day so I took a little too high of a dosage, which gave me some stomach gas and a little pain

I am on my 5th day and I have already improved so much. The bloating problems are completely gone, my bowel movements are getting better every day even though they are yet not 100%. I have eaten some foods that used to give me huge problems without any issues. The biggest thing that is back is my appetite, it is incredible. My dry eyes are gone, the dry mouth as well. AMAZING! 

Psychologically I am doing much better, I am feeling hope again and I am very excited about life. I am so thankful that I found this product.

I have spent a lot of money of different probiotics throughout the years. Some of them have improved my symptoms a little bit and others have made my symptoms worse. I am convinced that it is important to find the strains that fits you. The probiotics that I have bought earlier have had many different strains and many billions of CFU. No other product has not even been near to make me feel this good and specially not on so short time. Like I mentioned earlier this one claim to improve slow gut motility and constipation and that it exactly was it has done for me so far.

*ProBion differs from all other probiotics as the freeze-dried bacteria are protected in a very special matrix. The bacteria are still viable and vigorous after storage 5 years at room temperature. Most probiotics contain less than 5 % after 12 months. The ingenious matrix also presents the bacteria with optimal exposure to the digestive tract. (comments by Lennart Cedgard)

I do not want anybody to experience what I have been through the last couple of years. My gut problems have led to isolation, financial problems and more. I have lost many friends and missed out on many fun activities. I finally feel like my body is starting to functioning again and I am so excited to start living like a normal 27 years old. Thank you ProBion basic for an amazing product that actually live up to it claims! 

Katarina Ejeskar 47 Professor in Biomedicine (Immune system)

I am a professor in biomedicine, and I am currently doing tests with ProBion in fruit flies. These flies only have an innate immune system (the basic first response), compared to humans that have both an innate and an adaptive immune system (with antibodies). Still I can see clear effects on the immune system short after feeding them ProBion. I am convinced of the positive effect these probiotic bacteria have on the immune system and that it is nothing dangerous, thus I give my kids and myself a boost of ProBion whenever an extra help to the immune system is needed, in periods of colds, travelling etc… We are very rarely sick 🙂

C. Ellis 74 (Burn-outs and Diet habits and Lifestyle)

Twenty-Three years ago, I was already considered a successful mid-career executive – this can be a sweet trap. I had completed 19 years of work in the finance industry according to a classic recipe. Good education, dedicated work including much travel and foreign postings, ‘executive stress’ and a negligent lifestyle including poor eating habits and inconsistent exercise habits. I had just completed another ‘mission / assignment’ and decided to take a mid-career break. After a holiday of six weeks, and with no responsibilities and pressures, I found I had great difficulty getting up and getting on the

go in the morning (?!). Standard action: full check-up and doctor’s visit! The answer was ” you are in fine shape – nothing wrong at all – have another holiday”! 

That was the 1994 turning point: I visited a London based Swedish biopath (an alternative health practitioner specialised in energy / nutrition and, among others, with much expertise on intestine / bowel health – my definition). 

Diagnosis: my energy level was in the basement. Likely the result of the above-mentioned lifestyle. And even though I had intuitively begun to be more careful with my diet, that would not be sufficient to restore me. Within minutes I agreed to a drastic regime of homeopathic medication / more severe dietary habits (for a few months) and, key to sustaining all this effort, a daily dose of ‘ProBion’ tablets, starting with a gradual build up.

After a few months and this is no miracle, but common sense – I had fully recovered my energy and strength. My physical profile, which was not such an issue, had also clearly changed. I felt ‘light’ with bountiful energy. Although I jumped ‘head first’ into the second part of my career with equivalent levels of stress and work, I was equipped with a different level of awareness: the importance of a clean and properly functioning intestine / bowel system both for your energy level and general heath – As I see it, the key source of energy in your body is directly linked to the proper functioning of your digestive system  – it should be part of everyone’s education – especially in today’s world where we are inundated  with poor quality products, most with additives that damage our heath in an insidious manner. No one needs to be paranoid about such things, but awareness is key. A combination of the right quality ‘probiotics’ combined with a proper diet and regular physical exercise ‘frees’ you to live a much more productive and enjoyable life. 

I avoid any medication, except in serious cases, but since 1994 I take ProBion tablets daily (albeit this is not ‘medication’ but a food supplement) to ‘maintain’ the proper ‘flora’ in my gut. All this, not to mention the impact on the immune system which, more and more, is recognised as the key to fighting off disease.