About ProBion

We are at the forefront in the field of probiotics and human health

  • ProBion represents quality and innovation. It is produced in Sweden by Wasa Medicals - member of International Probiotic Association - IPA.
  • “The International Probiotics Association (IPA) is an international organization with members equally divided between industry and academia and its goal is to provide a unique forum for the exchange of research and the latest breakthroughs in probiotic technology and new product development.”
  • Driven by MD. Lennart Cedgard with 35+ years of clinical experience in intestinal microecology and probiotics amongst therapists.
  • The company have developed a low-compression matrix technique for making tablets containing viable probiotic cultures. The method makes it possible to maintain the viability of the cultures during the formation of tablets. The cultures in the tablet are protected from oxygen and humidity during storage, which improves the viability and sustainability of the products.
  • The cultures are protected against gastric- and bile acids during the passage through the GI-tract and a regulated disintegration so called “controlled slow release” take place in the whole digestive system. Due to the disintegration profile of the tablet a large area of the small intestine and the colon are exposed to vigorous and viable bacteria. This improves the effect of the probiotic cultures.

Honest Science

Precise & Innovative

  • We perform both clinical and basic science studies looking upon the effects of probiotics on various different diseases, such as colon cancer, metabolic diseases, celiac disease, infertility and irritable bowel syndrome. We collaborate with universities, hospitals and institutions around the world. We believe that our research at Wasa Medicals will greatly enhance the health and quality of life for people.

Our Technology

We are at the forefront in the field of probiotics and human health

  • ProBion is based on science and demonstrated evidence and we follow rigorous scientific process. ProBion tablet disintegration profile has been verified according to the European Pharmacopoeia. European Pharmacopoeia provides common quality standards throughout the pharmaceutical industry in Europe to control the quality of medicines, and the substances used to manufacture them.
  • Analysed by independent labs using Flow Cytometric Fluorescence technique with FISH and FC analyses, our probiotics have the viability, bacteria integrity and quality assurance needed for clinical trials.

Meet The Founder

Member of International Probiotic Association

Lennart Cedgård

Founder of ProBion