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ProBion Basic

ProBion Clinica

For sensitive, irregular digestion, as high strength support during antibiotic intake.

ProBion is state-of-the-art probiotic customised for improving digestion for all ages including infants. Expertly chosen strains create harmonising effect, and guaranteed potency produces therapeutic results.

10 billions CFU per tablet / 30 billions per gram.

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, adults, men children and elders.

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For sensitive, irregular digestion, as high strength support during antibiotic intake.

ProBion is next generation, state-of-an-art probiotic customised for your digestive situations irrespective of age and gender.

Pharmaceutical grade potency with therapeutic quality of healthy bacteria supporting wellbeing. Strains carefully selected to harmonise with each other to fit most people’s digestive habits.

probion clinica leaf icon Probion Clinica is High Strength Probiotic suitable for all digestive situations when extra high strength is desired or if you are just getting started with probiotics. Use also enforcement of Active, Basic or Daily, for antibiotic intake or detox-cure

10 billions CFU per tablet / 30 billions per gram, with strain content:

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, pregnant women, men and children including toddlers and elders

probion healthy gut tablet

Return to Balance

Probiotics serve to restore the balance of our intestinal bacteria. While promoting the growth of beneficial bacterial, they will also cause the dying off of harmful bacteria. This is a process of detoxification that can lead to healing crises in the form of intestinal discomfit and other symptoms associated to chronic health issues during the first 2-3 weeks. These symptoms will pass as the body adjusts to healthy gut flora, leading to long-term health improvement.

Recommended Dosage

Start with 1 tablet a day in the first week, and gradually increase to 2 tablets a day or more as needed.

Children under the age of 7 should take half the dosage of adults. Infants should take 1/4 the dosage of adults with tablets ground into powder and mixed with water or milk, to be fed little by little throughout the day.

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, children and elders.

Why you should choose ProBion?

Finally ProBiotic that works!

ProBion is produced by Wasa Medicals AB, a dedicated probiotics company that spent the last 25 years researching into bacteria strains and rigorously measuring dose responses for different digestive conditions.

Wasa Medicals, led by MD Lennart Cedgart, uses an innovative production technique to create a dry smart tablet that is unlike any other probiotic supplement. It is free from damage by oxygen and humidity and resistant to gastric and bile acids. It is scientifically proven to have prolonged exposure in the intestines producing beneficial effects.

ProBion was the brand used in a 2017 clinical study of probiotic intervention in colon cancer patients. The study showed that ProBion tablets delivered undamaged bacteria to the gut and altered the gut flora by significantly wiping out cancer-associated harmful bacteria and promoting growth of beneficial bacteria. ProBion is the scientific choice.

Mee The Team

Therapeutic Quality

Vigorous cultures protected and delivered to the gut help healthy flora thrive and ensure that they outnumber harmful bacteria, building the foundation for eliminating digestive disorders

More Living Goodness

ProBion has prolonged viability with 2.5 year shelf life without need for refrigeration. It contains an average of 85% of healthy bacteria and comes with a GUARANTEE of more than 50% after. This is 10 times superior sustainability compared to conventional probiotics which often state only the amount of colonies at the production date - which less relevant as most of them are dead shortly after

Prolonged Probiotic Performance

ProBion delivers vigorous healthy bacteria to the gastrointestinal tract with controlled release over 150-180 minutes, enabling 10 times as much deposition and activation of live cultures compared to conventional probiotic capsules.

Quality Assurance by Independent Labs

Analysed by independent labs using Flow Cytometric Fluorescence technique with FISH and FC analyses, our probiotics have the viability, bacteria integrity and quality assurance needed for clinical trials.

Well-tested Strains

We choose strains with proven benefits supported by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, and we combine them in a matrix with patented technology to ensure their safe passage to the gut where they can alleviate digestive disorders

Clinical Study

ProBion Clinica's positive probiotic effect was verified in a 2017 clinical study involving humans with colon problems. We also have 25 years of dose-response research, with efficacy of our probiotics validated by independent labs.

Innovative Matrix

The ProBion freeze dry, low-compression technique produces a unique dry tablet free from damage by oxygen and humidity. Bacteria slow-released into the gut, allowing greatest sustainability, deposition and activation.

What’s Inside ProBion Smart Tablet?



Inulin promotes the growth and activity for the endogenous

flora. Often extracted from the roots of endives.


Mucus producing item manufactured by fermenting carbohydrates.

It protects the bacteria in the intestine and control the dissolution of the tablets optimizing the exposure of viable bacteria.

Magnesium stearate

A compound of magnesium and stearic acids, it is a flow agent that gives more consistency to tablets. RSPO certificate.

Recommended Dosage

Start with 1 tablet a day in the first week, and gradually increase to 2 tablets a day or more as needed.

Children under the age of 7 should take half the dosage of adults.
Infants should take 1/4 the dosage of adults with tablets ground into powder and mixed with water or milk, to be fed little by little throughout the day.

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, children and elders

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26 Reviews


I have started taking Probion 3 years ago, recommended by my bioresonance therapist, whilst I was treated for food intolerances. The situation has improved tremendously. In addition, I now rarely catch a cold and recover much faster when I do. I am convinced that Probion has strengthened my immune system. At the beginning I was recommended to take a high dose of Clinica (4 a day), I went down to one a day and alternate with Probion daily.

Olivia H

I have ordered Clinica for my boy (aged 3) who suffers from chronic bronchitis and asthma. Since he started solid food when he was about 6 months old, we noticed that his stool had not turn solid like it should. We did not pay much attention back then as he was our first child, and we thought it is something that he would eventually grow out of. He has been in and out of hospital for upper respiratory infections and was on courses of anti-biotics when he was around 1. The situation persisted until he was 2, and we started giving him different brands of probiotics with the hope to help him with his allergies and to boost his immune system. We noticed slight improvements after a short while, thou not significant. We then were recommended Probion by our clinic and he has been taking 1 pill daily half an hour after supper for 5 months now. His stool turned normal after around 2 weeks of taking them and his asthma attacks have become much less severe this winter (fingers crossed).

Sharon T

I have nearly finished 1 bottle of small ProBion Clinica. During the first week of intake, I had the feeling of blocked throat (actually I think it's the upper part of esophagus connecting to the throat). This feeling lasted for whole day when I took 1 tablet each morning after breakfast - was not feeling comfortable for the whole week and thus wanted to give up taking. Eventually I decided to give it a try for one more week. Amazingly, the blocked throat feeling disappeared after one week. I can feel my stool soften, shortening my time at toilet. I will continue to take it definitely.


Fantastic product , I have used different probiotic without effect , however this is the only probiotic i have used that calmed my digestive health ......


I was diagnosed with Stage IV CRC (rectal, with inoperable metastasis to the liver) earlier this year, the biopsy results pointing to a MSS KRAS G12D mutation. I heard about the promising trial results with your ProBion from the following paper: Intestinal microbiota is altered in patients with colon cancer and modified by probiotic intervention. Hibberd AA, Lyra A, Ouwehand AC, et al. BMJ Open Gastro 2017;4:e000145. doi:10.1136/bmjgast-2017-000145. The description of the "1.4×1010 CFUs Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 and 7×109 CFUs Lactobacillus acidophilus" matches the CLINICA product so that was what I ordered. I've been taking it for about 2-3 months now. The product induced no side effects, Over that time period I've responded well to the initial round of chemo - which your product may have played a role in facilitating. So far so good.


Good product, easy to swallow, can be stored at room temperature, has excellent reviews. Plus it comes with great customer support. I am really glad it tried it.


Trying these for my son who has eczema. No major flare up since starting 3 weeks ago, so fingers crossed. Will continue for longer and monitor results.


ProBion helps me in a great deal every day. I am a 40 year-old woman and sometimes I need to work under stress. I got to know ProBion a few years ago when I got serious skin problem and candidiasis problems. At that time my friend introduced probiotic to me and started with ProBion Clinica. I took 2 pills per day. One after breakfast and one after dinner. Together with other supplements, a plain diet and cutting down sugar intake, around a week my skin problem and Candida problem started to heal itself. When I continued to take ProBion, my constipation problem disappeared! I could go to toilet in regular time in the morning. Due to the strong effect of detoxification from ProBion, I got rid of the health problems without taking other medicines.

Katarzyna G

I tried ProBion for about 2 weeks and then noticed improvement in my bladder infection without using antibiotic. I use it regularly now 2 tablets a day. My choice was particular as probion has high concentration of good bacteria and is not destroyed by stomach acids.


I didn't actually start the Probion Clinica for some time mainly because I was so used to my old brand, I was a bit nervous to change. I have had bouts of diverticulitis for about 15 years and before I discovered probiotics, I suffered several attacks a year. Probiotics haven't totally stopped the attacks but they have vastly reduced the number and the necessity to take antibiotics so frequently. I can't remember exactly where I first came across Probion.... I think someone on a facebook group recommended them, I went to the website and saw the free bottle of Clinica offered and decided I had nothing to lose. The Probion Clinica are very good! As time goes on, I find myself becoming more and more confident, it's been a while now since I had that horrible pain of impending diverticulitis. I believe Probion manufacturers warn of possible initial discomfort because of detoxification but I've had not problems at all, maybe because I am used to taking probiotics. Very happy to have changed brands to one that seems superior (and less expensive!) . Thanks, Probion.

Mallory L

This probiotic is of the utmost quality. The researchers have put so much thought into the formulation, and you can be assured that the probiotics will be delivered to the GI tract. Studies have proven ProBions efficacy, so I feel confident taking this product. Very happy with my purchase.


I ordered these for a cancer patient who is undergoing intensive treatment, specifically because she was routinely receiving antibiotics due to complications with chemotherapy-related infection. Her experience was very positive. The ProBion Clinica helped with diarrhoea during treatment, and with her digestion in general.

Teh L

I am glad to have been introduced to ProBion. And yes this product has help me in that I get much less gastritis nowadays. It has also help my bowel system. I do not see a need for Antarcids for now.


Very good product!


I have weekly injections which have unpleasant side effects, including bloating, painful cramps and severe constipation. I was very sceptical about ProBion but almost in desperation tried the Clinica. I noticed an immediate effect, the cramps and bloating have mostly gone and a much more regular routine has returned. Several weeks in the benefits continue.


Initially I had to just take half of a tablet because I had to get used to it. Then after about a week I took the full tablet and noticed a massive improvement in my stomach. I was no longer getting IBS in my stomach which I had been getting for several years. I did try other probiotics and I used to go and see the doctor frequently about my stomach issues. I had an endoscopy and they found nothing. I even eliminated certain foods to try and find if that would help. Nothing changed though until I took your probiotics. I have been taking them for 3-4 months now and have had no problems with my stomach. I would recommend them to everyone.

Tricia M

Excellent product. I'm beginning to feel imorovement with my digestive problems after just three or four weeks. Bloating, constipation, reflux etc are all much better. I've recommended it to friends suffering similar problems.


I've had food sensitivities and gut dysbiosis for many years, and have tried different probiotics unsuccessfully many times. Almost reaching desperation point, I bought some Alflorex from Boots, which helped but not as much as I had hoped. I then added ProBion products. I started with ProBion Active - just one a day. It helped, again modestly, and so I felt I needed something "stronger". I ordered a pot of Clinica and am gradually building up quantity. It is definitely beginning to work its magic. My skin is noticeably better, so much so that other people are noticing. My gut is happier, and digestion better, though I realise this won't be a quick fix after so long with problems. I've had the classic die off symptoms - but just ease back on number of tablets when this happens. I think the Active tends to cause nausea, so I'm currently concentrating on the Clinica. It's really a case of experimenting. I really like the tablet form and method of delivery. Seems to work well for me.


I tried Probion probiotics because I was experiencing symptoms such as bloating and abdominal cramps periodically. I was already taking a prebiotic but wanted to see if a good probiotic would help further. I have found that I am now experiencing fewer symptoms since starting Probion and am impressed by the scientific research behind their products.

Emma H

I noticed the effects from these probiotics within days of taking, my sluggish digestion returned to normal, my energy levels increased and although I had a few aches and pains to start with, probably due to a mild Herxheimer reaction, these have now reduced considerably, I've also noticed an improvement in my mood, I'm sleeping better and feeling calmer. Another effect is that a bad taste I was getting has gone maybe due to improved digestion or just a general detox effect. Impressive results just from taking 1 small probiotics tablet every morning!

Dawn W

As I have said in my previous review it is now even better, pain wise, while taking both Basic and Clinica together each day......I take Clinica in the evening before bedtime and am sleeping so much better without the pain......I thank you very much for all the details you give to the public and thank goodness that I found your company......Thank you


I received these on a special offer and I use them alternating with the basic. Same great result as the basic.

Ciprian C

I recommend this probiotic. I'm quite sensitive to what I eat. Although I've been taking it for a short time I can already enjoy foods that before were causing issues. I also feel more energetic. I like the great effort that probion puts in to answer all my questions. Will buy again.

Mike J

Excellent probiotics. I can definitely notice the difference; I feel lighter after meals, I've got a more regular digestion and no cramping. I would certainly recommend this product.

Sze W

High quality product! The most powerful one amongst the four Probion choices!


ProBion clinica is probably the most effective probiotics I have ever tried. Every time when I experience any irregularities in my intestine or digestive system, I would use ProBion clinica to regulate it & after using a small bottle, I can use the regular bottle of ProBion Active again.