The intestine is an important health barrier

by Dr. Lennart Cedgård

Only substances that the body can use and recognize should be allowed to pass through the intestinal mucosa.

Many diseases are associated with a leaking intestine. Intestinal barriers protect us from harmful substances and dangerous microorganisms reaching the intestine. Probiotics, which heal the lining of the intestine and strengthen the barrier, are the solution!

Most antigens that reach a healthy intestine cannot cross the intestinal mucosa barrier. Only completely broken food, such as dipeptides, fatty acids, short carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals should pass unhindered.

Incompletely digested food, such as proteins, should not be allowed to pass. These are not recognizable by the body and can therefore cause allergic reactions and biochemical “chaos”.

Imbalances in the body’s biochemistry, due to poor digestion and leaking bowel, affect our entire body – including our mental health.

In diseases, such as allergies, food intolerances and eczema, it is often found that the intestine leaks. Allergic reactions in the intestine lead to local inflammations of the intestinal mucosa. This causes damage to the intestinal mucosa and begins to leak.

When foreign substances reach the bloodstream, it can trigger an allergic reaction. It is enough that a very small amount of completely protein leaks into the bloodstream to start an allergic reaction. Often these problems begin with reacting to a substance, such as gluten.

The allergic reactions to these substances damage the mucous membranes, causing the body to become allergic to more and more substances. Healing the intestinal mucosa and restoring the intestinal flora is very important in the treatment of allergic diseases and eczema.

Research shows that probiotic bacteria reduce inflammation of the intestine, heal the intestinal mucosa and strengthen the barrier function of the intestine.

When the environment in the gut becomes more basic, the harmless form of Candida can transition to the disease-causing form invading the intestinal mucosa and increasing its permeability.

The fungus can also form various toxins and seriously damage the functioning of the intestine. The major problem of fungal infection in today’s society should be due to our overconsumption of meat and white sugar, white flour and other refined carbohydrates – as well as antibiotic treatments and increased use of oral contraceptives.

Candida infection is therefore a clear signal of imbalance in the intestine. A simple and tasty piece of advice is to eat less of the refined carbohydrates – and continuously replenish with probiotics.