How does a healthy stomach and intestine work?

by Dr. Lennart Cedgård

• A healthy gut empties 1-3 times a day • A healthy gut does not smell bad • A healthy stomach is not bloated and swollen • A healthy gut is not constipated • A healthy gut does not suffer from diarrhea • A healthy stomach and intestine can digest food.

Probiotics should be used in all types of gastrointestinal disorders!

Many people in today’s society suffer from poorly functioning stomach and bowel. It can be constipation, diarrhea, gases, pain after meals, bloating, acid reflux and more.

These disorders take a lot of our energy and burden the whole body.

The causes usually lie in incorrect dietary habits, stress, too little physical activity or ingestion of various medications such as antibiotics, acid inhibitors and so on. Hormonal disorders, infectious diseases and radiotherapy may also be behind poor intestinal function.

The color, texture and smell of our feces say a lot about how you feel.
 The stool should normally be brown and have the shape of “lard band”. You should not have to sit in the toilet and press, but the intestine should empty itself unhindered. You shouldn’t catch up with more than the headlines on the front page of the paper before you’re done.

The first, given step for those who want a healthy gastrointestinal tract is probiotics – friendly gut bacteria!