ProBion Clinica

ProBion Clinica

ProBion Active

For the speedy or loose digestion & travelling

2 billions CFU per tablet / 6 billions per gram

Guaranteed potency with therapeutic quality of healthy bacteria supporting wellbeing. Strains carefully selected to harmonise with each other

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, adults, men children and elders

See also ProBion Clinica given to colon cancer patients reduces more than 90% cancer related microbes

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ProBion is next generation, state-of-an-art probiotic customised for your digestive situations irrespective of age and sex. Pharmaceutical grade potency with therapeutic quality of healthy bacteria supporting wellbeing. Strains carefully selected to harmonise with each other to fit most people’s digestive habits.

probion active leaf icon ProBion Active - For speedy, loose or unrest digestion

2 billions CFU per tablet / 6 billions per gram, with strain content:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum LP115    = 20-25 %
  • Lactobacillus paracasei LPC37    = 20-25 %
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB64    = 50-60 %

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, adults and children including toddlers and elders

probion healthy gut tablet


Often taking ProBion will start a detoxification activity in the gut with occurring effects could be experienced as impaired feeling of deterioration. During period of 2-3 weeks some will experience detoxification symptoms, as chronic unhealthy problems will be show more of an acute expression before getting away. This is normal as body adjust to the activity of healthy bacteria therefore It is advised to start dosing slowly.


Start with 1 tablet x 1 /week 1, 1 tablet x 2 /week 2 and 2 tablets x 2 /week 3 and thereafter as needed.

Why ProBion?

Finally ProBiotic that works!

We are at the forefront in the field of probiotics and human health. ProBion represents quality and innovation. It is produced in Sweden by Wasa Medicals - member of International Probiotic Association - IPA. Wasa Medicals is working with research and development in the field of probiotics and prebiotics. Driven by MD. Lennart Cedgard with 35+ years of clinical experience in intestinal microecology and probiotics amongst therapists

It is further researched by scientists at ProBion Innovation Sweden AB (PISA) at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden
PISA is a biotechnology research company with the distinct objective for searching innovative methods to improve quality of life while eradicating diseases using probiotics. Our team consists field experts in the area - medical doctors, professors and scientists.

Mee The Team

Therapeutic Quality

It's no magic. Vigorous cultures protected & delivered by ProBion contribute to gut environment where many other "healthy" bacteria can thrive supporting overall wellbeing. “Colon Cancer Breakthrough: New Probiotic Treatment Markedly Reduces Cancer-Related Microbes”

More Living Goodness

ProBion has prolonged viability with 2.5 year shelf life without need for refrigeration. It contains an average of 85% of healthy bacteria and comes with a GUARANTEE of more than 50% after. This is 10 times superior sustainability compared to conventional probiotics which often state only the amount of colonies at the production date - which less relevant as most of them are dead shortly after

Prolonged Probiotic Performance

ProBion delivers vigorous and healthy bacteria with controlled release in the gastrointestinal tract. Over 150-180 minutes disintegration time equals 10 times prolonged exposure compared to conventional probiotic capsules. Slow dissolution allows maximum deposition and activation of cultures

Independent Controlled Quality

Controlled by independent laboratories. Valid clinical trials need adequate analyses proving the viability and quality of the probiotic bacteria integrity like FISH and FC analyses. Almost all studies done so far have neglected to do this! ProBion quality is analysed by independent laboratories using Flow Cytometric Fluorescence technique


We took well researched strains with hundreds of peer reviewed publications and spent last 25 years customizing them with patients. Ensuring their prolonged effectiveness according to digestive disorders - irrespective of age and sex


Scientific approach. 25 years of dose-response research with quality assured by independent laboratories allowed us to successfully verify positive health effects of probiotics under certain conditions. We've published results in British Medical Journal

ProBion Matrix

Innovative freeze dry production technique efficiently delivers, feeds and protects vigorous and non-damaged bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract for extended periods of time. Makes it possible to use all kinds of lactobacilli or bifido strains in further research

What’s Inside ProBion Smart Tablet?



Inulin promotes the growth and activity for the endogenous flora.

Often extracted from the roots of endives.


Mucus producing item manufactured by fermenting carbohydrates.

It protects the bacteria in the intestine and control the dissolution of the tablets optimizing the exposure of viable bacteria.

Magnesium stearate

Flowing qualities at the production. RSPO certificate.

Free from GMO, dairy, soy, wheat and gluten. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, children and elders