Katarina Ejeskär


Prof. Katarina Ejeskär at the University of Skövde, finished her PhD in 2000 and has been running her own research group at the department of Medical and Clinical Genetics, Gothenburg University since 2003, and since 2014 at University of Skövde. After finishing the PhD studies she did a post-doc at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia, learning manipulation of large DNA constructs and gene delivery methods. Her research is focused on functionality studies of genes and proteins in both primary tumors, mainly neuroblastoma and colorectal cancer and in cell culture systems. Prof. Ejeskär is an expert in cancer biology in general and related aspects on PI3K in particular. She leads the basic research in human cell systems and in the fruit fly using probiotics and or biomarkers found in the clinical studies.

EMAIL:  [email protected]