Charles Hanson


Associate Prof. Charles Hanson at the Carlanderska Fertility Center, Gothenburg, has many years’ experience in reproductive and human genetics. He has been leading the group who established the technique for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) resulting in the first Nordic child born after PGD. During this work an excellent skill and expertise in genetic analysis of oocytes, sperms and embryos has been developed. Dr Hanson regularly visits all Swedish ART laboratories to educate the staff in basic genetics, reproductive genetics, and epigenetics. This has resulted in very good personal contacts at all ART-units and knowledge of the capacity of each Swedish ART laboratory. Dr Hanson has had several successful research projects together with the Fertility Center in Gothenburg and is responsible for logistics, handling of semen, blood and faeces samples, and sperm DNA extraction.

Email:  [email protected]