Åsa Torinsson Naluai


Associate Prof. Asa Torinsson Naluai at the Sahlgrenska Academy Core Facilities, with extensive expertise in large-scale genome analyses. Her research focus is on the genetics of common diseases with complex inheritance where both genes and environmental factors play a role. Her specific interest is in autoimmunity and celiac disease, where she has collected a large patient material. Apart from a deep understanding of complex disease genetics and genome wide studies. Dr. Torinsson Naluai has first-hand knowledge about the latest technical advances with microarray as well as NGS, GWAS, and RNAseq platforms. Dr Torinsson Naluai is involved in the national as well as European biobanking infrastructure (BBMRI.eu, Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure) and in Synopsis, June 8, 2014 12 currently setting up a central biobanking facility at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Email:  [email protected]